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At Premier College Concierge, we personalize your pathway to college and guide you through each phase of the application process.

Reach your full potential with individualized admission planning, and build confidence and skills for success in college and beyond.

An Individualized Approach
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When you choose PCC, you will notice that we are passionate about your student’s success. We are a boutique business. Unlike larger companies, we are accessible and personally invested in helping each student maximize his or her college options. Our curriculum is data-driven and designed by university professors. You will receive instruction from experienced educators with years of teaching experience. At PCC, your student is more than just a customer.
College Planning

SAT-ACT Test Prep Services

Standardized test scores can greatly impact college admissions decisions. Our data-driven SAT-ACT test prep curriculum is designed to optimize your teen’s standardized test scores and ease the anxiety associated with high-stakes testing. PCC’s test prep experts identify opportunities for score enhancement, provide guidance on which standardized test will likely yield the best result for your teen, and create an individualized learning plan specifically tailored to the unique needs of each student.
Our interactive format lends itself to maximum engagement between student and instructor, and your teen will take standardized tests with the confidence that comes along with a foundation of solid preparation.

Many schools are no longer requiring applicants to submit standardized test scores. For students choosing this option, PCC’s test prep team offers guidance in selecting and presenting supplemental materials to submit in lieu of test scores to make your teen’s application stand out.
SAT-ACT Test Prep